Air Ticket

Thailand Travel Mart Plus 2022

8-10 June 2022 @ Angsana Laguna Phuket, Phuket




In order to arrange your flight, please contact the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) overseas offices in your country or responsible for your country to confirm your status as a hosted buyer or hosted media and consult about the ticket arrangement and reimbursement.

(TAT overseas offices:

In case you have to arrange your own flight, you must get approval for the flight details including route, airfare, and travel date, from the TAT overseas office or TAT Head Office that is responsible for your country prior to issuing the ticket.

Conditions for Air Ticket Reimbursement
  • TAT will be responsible for the international airfare from port to port (arrivals at Bangkok or Phuket International Airport ONLY) on the economy class best agent net fare.
  • If there is NO direct flight from international port to Phuket, TAT will be responsible for the domestic airfare route Bangkok – Phuket – Bangkok ONLY.
  • For those travelling with complimentary tickets or mileage accumulated tickets, only the related taxes and insurance surcharge will be reimbursed.
  • For hosted buyers and hosted media who have paid for their airfare in advance, your ticket reimbursement will be done by the TAT overseas office in your country or responsible for your country after the event.

Documents for Ticket Reimbursement:
  • A copy of the air ticket or e-ticket indicating the passenger’s travel route to Thailand; qualified tickets must show the travel dates during the period of 25 May - 24 June 2022. (Arrive in Phuket, Thailand before 11.00 Hrs., 8 June 2022, and depart from Thailand after 21.00 Hrs., 10 June 2022)
  • Note: For those buyers and media who travel during the period of 25 May - 4 June 2022, TAT will not responsible for their 1st RT-PCR Test.
  • A copy of the passport with the passenger’s signature as shown on the passport.
  • An original receipt from the airlines or travel agencies. In the case that the agents issue their own receipt, such documents must show the airfare amount.
  • A copy of the confirmation e-mail of the TTM+ 2022 online evaluation system.
  • A copy of 80% completed appointments, or 25-slot completed appointments for Hosted Buyers.

Remark: Your ticket reimbursement will be done by the TAT overseas office.